Super Good

“A Close Quarters, but in space” was how Super Good described their new show in an early creative meeting. I love Super Good so much, and I love space slightly more, so I was 1000% excited to bring that idea to life for their promo package. Instead of shooting traditional portraits, I decided to build a diorama which I would photograph for their digital and print assets. We met for a photo session where I first shot the cast in their fab space suits, then printed them and built this space scene in a 3′ x 4′ space.¬†There is very little Photoshop used here. The diorama features mostly household items, including a mouthwash¬† rocket, a UFO made from a solar light, CD, and yogurt jar, Christmas ornament and tinfoil planets, lightbulb comet, and an oxygen tank made from a pipe cleaner and a bottle of nail glue. Super Good September/October Saturdays @ 9:30 at HUGE Theater


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