Party Riot

PARTY RIOT is an improv show comprised exclusively of women and non-binary improvisers at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Showcasing elements of magic, movement and music, this us a multi-dimensional show that features three separate casts that weave together to create a wild experience from beginning to end.

The wonderful directorial team of PARTY RIOT asked me to create a complete digital and print package for the show to release during the length of the run. They wanted to capture an 80’s club vibe, and find a way to feel a little music, movement, and magic in each image. Here is the package.

Print Poster:

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HUGE Theater ran on Saturdays in January/February, 2018 at 8pm
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Photo/design: Jen van Kaam
Makeup: Carolyn Blomberg
Text design: Beth K. Gibbs