Improv: Ladyfriend

Ladyfriend is basically an extension of me physically and emotionally and also whatever way you can be when you sit with your two besties every Tuesday eating potato chips and M&Ms. We’re a lil’ improv group who found each other through chance and bonded over the love of robots, ice cream, and horrible puns. Ladyfriend has been performing together since 2012 and has produced overĀ 100 live shows, 50 comedy videos, 17 puppets, 10 photo shoots, 4 movie trailers, 1 presidential campaign, and a million billion buckets of laughs. One day someone will realize how clever we are and will give us all of their money to make funny videos and change the world through comedy.

Ladyfriend is made up of Becky Wilkinson Hauser, Jen van Kaam, and Beth K. Gibbs.

Check out Ladyfriend’s website to see all up-to-date videos, show dates, and other fun stuff.

Ladyfriend Facebook Vimeo

All photos by me, Jen van Kaam.