Junkie: A Sweet Collaboration

Meet my best friend Shannon. We went to high school together in the Florida Keys a million years ago and bonded over anything twisted and macabre or sexy and delicious. Now we live far away, but our hearts are still as close as they were when we were chasing boys and making smoke bombs.

Shannon is an insanely talented painter, photographer, writer, jewelry maker, mother, ferret whisperer and cheesemaker
living in St Pete, FL, and though we are like-minded in so many ways, we also see the world through a very VERY different pair of glasses. During a recent holiday visit, we decided to take on a challenge from The Photographer’s Playbook, a collection of assignments designed to inspire photographers, to see how two very contrasting minds might interpret an idea under the same set of boundaries.

First up: #374 – “Rhythm & Melody”, a challenge by Grant Willing. Simply, the theory is to choose a song and create a series of photographs that represent your vision by paying attention to elements such as sound, movement, and order. We chose to tackle this challenge using the same song, one very close to our little teenage hearts, “Junkie” by Poe. This was one of few anthems we’d blast from my convertible speakers while skipping class and eating eclairs with the key deer (disclaimer: don’t do that; it’s illegal), and it still has a powerful impact on us today.

Here is what we came up with. Please enjoy.

My photos:

Shan’s photos: