Improvathon 2015: November 11-12

If you’ve known me for more than 2 minutes, you’ve probably heard me talk about HUGE Theater. HUGE is the only theater in the Twin Cities dedicated to long-form improv, and is a second home to some of Minnesota’s most talented artists and performers. The good people at HUGE hold a special place in my heart because they helped form something I’m incredibly proud of, Ladyfriend. HUGE allowed us the space and time to refine our craft as well as the resources to build lasting relationships on a personal and professional level. Ladyfriend was born at an informational meeting for Improvathon at HUGE in 2012 and have been hanging tough ever since. What’s Improvathon? So glad you asked.

Improvathon is HUGE Theater’s annual fundraiser on November 12, Give to the Max Day! Starting at 8pm on Wednesday night, groups will perform for 28 straight hours to raise money for the non-profit theater. Donations can be made online or at the theater, which brings me to this!

Ladyfriend was chosen to participate in the Improvathon Winner’s Circle (again!), a friendly competition pitting three teams against each other to raise money for HUGE. The teams with the most donations will be asked to perform a second time during Improvathon at either 430am or 830am. Both of those time slots are THE WORST for late sleepers like Ladyfriend, but we’ll happily perform another loonybin set (just like the last two years!) if we win. You can donate to the opposing groups We Have Cats and the Bearded Men if you’d rather see us get our beauty sleep.

How can you help?

-DONATE ONLINE! You can give to HUGE online now through November 12! (Donations for the Winners Circle will be tallied at 8pm on November 11.)

-DONATE IN PERSON! You can give cash or a check to me, Beth or Becky in person. You can also donate to me personally using Square Cash ($jenvankaam). Ladyfriend also has a jar at the HUGE Bearded Bar where you can toss your loose hundreds.

-WATCH ME PERFORM! Come see Ladyfriend kick off Improvathon on Wednesday, November 11 at 8pm! We may also perform again at 430am or 830am. (HUGE is located at 3037 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408)

-WATCH OTHER PEOPLE PERFORM! There are LOTS of talented people performing for 28 HOURS!! Come by HUGE anytime during Improvathon to catch a set (and throw a cash donation in the Ladyfriend jar at the Bearded Bar). See the entire schedule here.

-FOLLOW US ONLINE AND SHARE OUR STUFF! Keep an eye on Ladyfriend’s website for more info and fun promo videos. (Catch a sneak peek below!) We’ll also be posting photos and goodies over on Facebook and Instagram that you can repost and like and share and tweet and spread around like wildfire.

Thank you for supporting me, Ladyfriend, and HUGE Theater through the years. We couldn’t be us without you.